Friday, September 7, 2012

A little Vinegar goes a long way!

Did you know? 

If you add 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to every glass of water that you drink in the day, it will help your weight loss!

Apple Cider Vinegar is a very strong Detox agent!!!

You'll get used to the taste once you start doing it! I did it for 2 days! 

Of course thats not just what it can do... Here's more :

Image source Natural News via Pinterest

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Exercise Routine

So far so good!

I have managed to stick to my diet as well as my exercise plan for 3 full days!

I celebrated it by giving myself a bunch of white carnations!

I'm going to buy flowers for myself every week that I stick to my plan!!!

Now moving on to the next part of my plan : Exercise

I have divided my exercise routine into 2 parts : Cardio and Strength!

For the Cardio - I do Interval Training at home : A combination of Spot jogging, jumping jacks and a few other exercises I found in Prevention! They're called The Belly Blasting Intervals. I also have started going for walk in the evening... About 50-70 mins of brisk walking!

For the strength training I use these exercises I found on Pinterest along with Tummy Tucking Moves from the same Prevention Magazine...

Here's the weekly plan

 Images from Color me Preppy via Pinterest


Monday, September 3, 2012

The Plan...

All good things start with a plan...

The plan might be thrown away after a few days or a lot many changes could be made...

But there should always be a plan to reach a goal!

So what is my plan?

There are 2 parts of it : Diet & Exercise. Let us just talk about the diet plan today...

For my Diet part here are the details :

5.00 am : Wake up & have a cup of tea + 1 chapati
7.00 am : 1 Glass Milk + 1 fruit
9.00 am : Breakfast - Bowl of fresh veggies + 1 boiled egg white with lemon juice, pepper & salt dressing.
11.00 am : 1 Glass juice - fruit / veggie
1.00 pm : Lunch : Bowl of fresh veggies with lemon juice, pepper & Salt dressing.
4.00 pm : 1 cup of tea + 2 Biscuits
6.00 pm : 1 Glass Buttermilk / 1 cup dahi
8.00 pm : 1 bowl soup or 1 bowl steamed veggies
10.00 pm (or bedtime) : 1 Glass milk

Looks doable!

Yesterday, I did slip up a little bit - I had 2 cups of tea in the morning and had 2 biscuits - the digestive kind - with my second cup! I also had a small bite from the gulab jamoon my son was eating -that was because he said it was tasting sour (which it surely wasn't) and I wanted to make sure it was okay for him to eat it!
So far so good!!! I have noticed that cutting up the veggies and keeping them in the refrigerator in portion sizes, helps me stick to not eating anything else!~ 
What works for you?

The beginning...

It is not just about loosing weight... It is about being healthy... It is about being a better person...  It is about more organized... And ultimately it is about being more satisfied... 

IIt is about enjoying what you do and being able to do what you enjoy - not just today, but for a long way to come!

The realization came in January - I needed to do something...  - the day I turned 33... 40 is not that far... While 40 might not be really old, but I feel it is an age where if you are in good health, you can truly, fully enjoy life!

So, my aim is to beat that diabetes that I might inherit from my mother's family... 

My aim is to understand my flaws and to take action to correct them... To make my body and my mind ready to enjoy life!!

The year I will be 41, my son will be a teenager! I really want to be able to spend a lot of active time with him... I imagine long bike rides, basketball in the backyard, jogging in early morning! But the current state that I am in, I am pretty far from being able to do this...

And I want to loose weight in a healthy fashion for that! I do not want to crash diet and then fall off the wagon one day gain all the weight I lost (maybe even more) back! 

My journey to 65 might never reach that landmark - 65 kg - or it could go way beyond that... But to motivate myself I've chosen to target 65...

65 is far from my ideal weight... If I trust the online calculators, at 5'1" I should weigh 54 kg. But I'm choosing to target 65 - because that was how much I weighed when I was in college and I was truly comfortable with my body then... 

So 65 it is...

And my journey begins today...

I have started making better choices... I am eating vegetable salad with some boiled egg white thrown in along with one slice of bread for breakfast and lunch... I'll go light on the dinners, and will be having some steamed veggies or vegetable soup... 

I have also started exercising...

30 mins of hard core interval training followed by a free weight regime... I'll be alternating the cardio workout everyday of the week so that I do not get bored with it...

The plan looks good!!!

Let us see how it works out...

Wish me luck!!!

If you have a weight loss blog, do leave me a comment so that I can follow you and we can share our experiences and motivate each other...